Why YouTube Ads Are Important In 2022?

Learn the reasons why it’s important to invest in the largest video platform of the world to advertise your business.

Hello everyone, my name is Lucas Dantas and in today’s blog article, I will talk about the importance of YouTube Ads in 2022. This year, YouTube has become the most used social media of the United States and the biggest reason are its content creators. More than 3 million videos are posted in the platform EVERY DAY.

There is so much content on YouTube that the platform has also become the second most used search engine of the world being only behind Google. With that being said, advertising on YouTube has become a great solution for businesses because you can reach to potential customers at the time they are looking for something.

Want to get a deeper understanding of how YouTube works and why it’s worth advertising on this platform? Keep reading this blog article and learn the reasons why YouTube is so important in 2022.

Higher Reach

There has been a recent shift in viewing habits, for people who are from 18 to 49 years old, YouTube is more popular than traditional TV. While this age group may not represent your primary target audience, that is the generation who will hold most of the buying power in the near future for any market.

Accessing YouTube is now even easier through Smart TVs, cell phones, computers and other devices. This increase in views across different devices represents an opportunity for companies to reach their target market through multiple channels.

If you’re trying to get your business message across to as many customers as possible, YouTube is the platform for you.

Segmentation Options

The targeting capabilities of digital marketing are what set them apart from the others and with YouTube is no different because it has all the features you would expect to help you reach a precise audience, including demographic targeting to select audiences by age, gender and parental status.

targeting options google ads age gender parental status household income

When advertising on YouTube you can target people based on keywords, topics, interests and do remarketing by targeting people who have already seen your videos or been to your website. Affinity audience is critical to these features. By targeting affinity audiences, you can ensure your ads reach people who have already expressed an interest in specific topics linked to your business.

keywords topics placements targeting youtube ads

You can also target in-market audiences that include people who are actively researching products and services like the ones your brand offers. With some research, you can place your ads on popular videos that will be seen by a relevant audience, further expanding your brand’s reach.

in market audiences google ads youtube

But these features are just the beginning! What really sets YouTube apart is that it can also use contextual placements to show your ads on specific videos, channels or websites. In other words, it places your ads where it is likely to appeal to an audience with high converting potential. This allows you to target high-intent users at various stages of the buying journey.

youtube channels and videos

You can even place ads on competitor videos and get even more leads. All you need is good Google Ads management service to run the best YouTube campaigns!

Real Time Reports & Dashboards

YouTube provides accurate measurements of your marketing campaign. Real-time reporting is essential for evaluating your advertising strategy and ensuring you’re getting the most out of your budget. Our client Dame Fine Coffee has been running ads on since June and so far they have had more than 40 thousand views.

google ads overview dashboard
average watch time dame fine coffee youtube ads

Google Ads provides insights into views, costs, and budget, while analytics from your YouTube account provide more detailed information about viewers. You can also track video views, which show how often an ad is watched and how long.

youtube stats il corn tv clear profits

The Illinois Corn Growers Association has hired Clear Profits to increase brand awareness by targeting farmers and other related interests across the state of Illinois. We have created a segment on their YouTube channel called IL Corn TV where we present weekly agriculture news on their YouTube channel. Since then, the number of channel subscribers have gone from 295 to 327 in 90 days.

number of subscribers il corn tv


Clear Profits Digital Marketing not only help our clients to manage their social media accounts, but also manage their YouTube channel. We can help you create a YouTube strategy today, visit our website and contact us for more information!


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