Clear Profits: What Do We Do?

If you are still not sure what Clear Profits Digital Marketing can do for you, check out this article where we have shared our success cases and listed all the services we offer for businesses like yours.

Hello, how are you?

My name is Lucas Dantas and in this post I will clarify something that a lot of people ask: After all, what do we do? Check it out below!

By definition, marketing agencies are companies responsible for coming up with a product concept, price, target and promotion. These agencies have professionals in the field of communication who work with the objective of developing activities and applying strategies to take care of the image of a company, developing campaigns to launch and sell the products and services of the contracting business.

But, putting it this way, do you know exactly what a digital marketing agency does on a day-to-day basis to promote your company? Probably not. That’s why this text serves to explain to you everything that we, at Clear Profits, strive daily to deliver to our customers.

What does it mean to be a Digital Marketing Agency?

The projects we develop involve performance, branding and content, applied in the digital environment. We understand that marketing alone cannot be separated from performance, and that is why we have a complete team to do whatever is necessary to generate sales for our clients.

Our top customers have achieved their success by offering content that is relevant to consumers at their different stages of purchase. That is why we build strategies specially designed to meet different stages of awareness, and leading each possible customer to purchase.

That is where the creation and distribution of content comes in: storytelling, writing, design, technology, SEO, media buying and more, whatever is necessary. We understand that every company is unique and needs content as authentic as it is. If the business is growing and closing deals, it is certainly telling its customers something that sets it apart from the rest of the market.

We ensure that your best customers know the best of your company, generating admirers, customers and growth.

Why are we different?

We work daily to deliver better results to our customers. Check out how we do it!

We are experts in Digital Marketing

With more than 13 years of experience in the market, we have a multidisciplinary team, proven capable of solving the complex challenges of competition that your company finds in the market.

We apply what is best and most innovative in the digital communication market. We seek to understand where our customers want to go and from there we create strategies with focusing of achieving better results.

Our success stories confirm the success of this team! One of them is The Barn at Fairview Acres, where we achieved more than 80 leads in two months in 2021!

In addition to a branding video that has been promoted on Facebook and on YouTube, we have made a series of remarketing ads to retarget people who have already seen the ad or have visited their website and, as result, they were almost fully booked on every weekend until 2023. With a good job and a great service, the results showed up!

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We are technology experts

Most agencies fail to align their marketing plans with the technology needed to succeed. But we understand that technology is not natural in the training of communication professionals, causing confusion, disorganization, delays and frustrations when it appears in projects.

Having a qualified technology team ready to not only create the tools you need, but also to track, manage and improve your website, blog and apps. Clear Profits is a reference for good marketing. And for good marketing, you need good tools.

One of the companies in which we applied this expertise was Plastic Pallet Pros. They talked to us at the end of 2020 with very specific problems with their Google Ads performance. The company was spending a lot of money on Google Ads, but was not getting satisfactory results and they wanted to generate more leads and target a bigger marketing on the internet.

google ads results 2020 x 2021

After analyzing the situation, we drew up an action plan removing all the currently active campaigns and created new ones from scratch focusing on keywords that indicated a purchase intention, targeting medium and large companies and segmenting the ads so they only appear on computers, completely hiding them from mobile devices. The results generated were incredible and now they have more than 10 million dollars on their sales pipeline for 2022!

In addition, they are now ranking on the top or first page of Google results page for plastic pallets related keywords.

Plastic pallet pros google rankings

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Your success is our success

Our team acts proactively, daily, to ensure the success of your company. Among other reasons, this is possible because of our customer success philosophy! A way of acting focused on retaining a company’s customers and aligning needs and offers.

We know you are unique

To deliver you success, we cannot work as if all of our customers are the same. To deliver results and win each challenge with you, we adapt to accelerate results and correct the course of each project. For every challenge of our customers, we will have an unique solution!

If you need to increase foot traffic in your business, we can certainly help you!

That’s what we did for Club 41! Club 41 is a restaurant located in Saint Augustine, Illinois. After we started managing their social media accounts and run ads on Facebook, they have had an increase of 30% in foot traffic in the restaurant.

Club 41 has had a increase of 30% in foot traffic

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So, after all, what do we do?

To make it even easier, here is a summary of all our digital marketing services:

  • Strategy Plan: Attracting leads; Lead generation; Lead nurturing.
  • Website Creation: Customized Websites; Landing pages; blogs; E-commerce;
  • Videography: Recording, editing and creation of video content;
  • Content Marketing: Content for websites; Content for blogs; E-books.
  • SEO: Optimization for search engines such as Google.
  • Online Advertising: Google Ads; Facebook Ads; Instagram Ads, Snapchat Ads; Linkedin Ads; Youtube Ads.
  • Social Media Marketing: Instagram; Facebook; LinkedIn.
  • Marketing Automation: Integrations with third party applications;
  • E-mail Marketing: Preparation of the company; Marketing automation; newsletter.

It was my pleasure to introduce you to Clear Profits! Do you want to talk about how we can transform what is unique about your company into results? Click here.


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