How A CRM Solution Can Help Your Business

In this blog article, I show 4 reasons of how a CRM can positively impact your business. Learn about the main benefits of a CRM system.

Hello everyone, my name is Lucas Dantas and today I will talk a little about CRM systems.

Nowadays, people have been using more technology in favor of their businesses. It works as a resource to stand out in the market and be a competitive differentiator, since knowing and understanding your consumers is essential to stand out from the competition. It is in this context that the need of having a CRM system arises. CRMs organize and register interactions between consumers and the company and make this information available so people can work better as team.

In this article, I show 4 reasons you should have a CRM to automate your marketing and sales processes. Check it out now!

1. It allows you to track leads in the sales funnel

Marketing and sales team are usually not in sync most of the time. With a CRM solution, it becomes easier to see how a lead converts into a customer and that enables companies to track results. Both marketing and sales teams can observe all phases of lead, from the time they fill out a form on your website to the moment they show interest in buying from you.

With CRM automation, your salespeople will know the exact moment to act, without being too pushy and causing irritation to your potential customer.

benefits of crm clear profits

After every sale, the CRM system is fed with information, which allows the marketing team to prepare to retain new customers using data obtained from the CRM. By identifying where the customer is in the sales funnel, it is possible to adopt the best strategy for the moment.

2. It can increase your sales by making your team more effective

CRM automation improve the way we share information, making marketing and sales processes more agile and productive. This has direct positive effects on the company’s sales. When the commercial team is dedicated only to real options, they won’t waste time on disqualified leads.

benefits of crm clear profits

When you automate your CRM, you can segment different types of leads to different teams or people to make sure your best sales rep are working with your high ticket clients.

3. It improves customer loyalty by interacting with your customers at the right time

When there are two enterprises offering the same product, even if there is a certain price difference, quality must be the service differential. This is exactly what a automated CRM can provide: information to increase customer loyalty. CRM can automate the send of relevant messages, according to each customer behavior, create a relationship of trust and credibility, making them feel understood.

For example, the Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce has recently acquired a CRM solution for chambers called GrowthZone to manage all the memberships of the chamber including their billing, accounts receivable and accounts payable. During the onboarding of all the users in the system, it’s normal that some people take more time than others to complete the registration, but thanks to the CRM solution, we were able to filter only people who haven’t registered yet and send them an email blast with clear instructions on how to do it.

email blast chamber of commerce

4. You get a better view of your results

An automated CRM has a great advantage. It generates accurate reports for each action taken. Several times — due to the divergent paths and attitudes of the internal teams — it is difficult to calculate, for example, the ROI (return on investment) of a marketing campaign, since the team cannot keep up with the number of new customers for that action.

CRM reports give a clearer view of the business and its processes to stakeholders and help them make more informative decisions. Our client Plastic Pallet Pros use a solution called Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365, and through the reports they are able to see trends and set higher or lower budgets based on demand.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 lead report

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